14. Jan, 2014

 Pete the Magician and Fairytale Story Time



I had never seen a magic show. Not in real life. Sure, I’d seen magicians on television; I don’t think that counts. When the trick is on television, you tend to take it for granted. In real life, when it’s right before your eyes, you know there is no trick photography involved.

So, today,  Pete enthralled not only the sixty-one kids who turned up for the show; he enthralled me too!

He really does a fantastic show. He’s so fast and witty that, even if he makes a mistake, you either don’t notice or you think it was part of the show. All the kids, and all their accompanying adults, were in stitches of laughter throughout the performance. 

Pete told me that he has been doing his magic shows around our area for about thirty years. It sure shows; he’s an old pro. And a really lovely man too. Plus, he seemed to like our library and appreciated our offer to help bring in his equipment.

It was an hour of great fun with Pete and I would love to have him back next year.